The team of the Bear Log Homes - professionals of logbuilding

Handcrafted log houses from the team Bear Log Homes

The Bear Log Homes is an established team of people from 20-25, consisting of several teams of logbuilders with extensive experience. Construction of the house of the handcrafted cabin in any technology - Russian Notch, Saddle Notch, Diamond notch, Scandinavian style and Log Post and Beam construction!


Murugov Sergey

The founder of the company "Bear Log Homes"

Ladyyshev Vasily

Master craftsmen


Bazarev Alexander

Master craftsmen

Andiyanov Edward

Master craftsmen



Mazhaev Roman

Wood carving master

IMG 20150831 125727 001

Ustinovich Marina

House designer


Murugova Maria

Representative of the company in St. Petersburg


 Construction of wooden log houses

The Bear Log Homes - is not only highly skilled logbuilders, as well as people whose work is not visible, but without which the construction of wooden log houses made of logs is impossible, they are hawkers, planers, tractor operators, crane operators, watchmen and administrators. Only a well-coordinated team can qualitatively and do your job on time.