Log Post and Beam. Construction technology frame homes

Log Post and Beam houses

Post and bim. The technology of construction of a modern wooden house

Post and Beam from the English words Post and Beam (pillar and beam). In Russia, houses and baths in this style began to be built quite recently. Houses and baths built style Post and Beam can be immediately noticed due to non-standard appearance. Although if you look closely, you can find a barn or a shed built in this style in almost every village.

Post and Beam technology

Post and Beam technology in Russia is called frame-timbered, and is based on the manufacture of a frame of logs - consisting of vertical pillars, horizontal beams, species farms and other elements of logs, which are the supporting structures in a wooden house.

Later in the Post and Beam technology constructions between the log posts and the beams, the walls are filled. External walls and internal partitions can be cut from a log, laid out of bricks or stone, or made of wooden frames, which can be further insulated and trimmed with finishing materials, such as log siding (imitation of logs), unedged boards, shingles or shingles - clapboard, paste on the wall wallpaper or tile.


Post and beam technology pluses

Frame-built log houses built using the Post and beam technology have more advantages. And practically have no flaws.

  • The frame-and-log structure is very stable and practically does not shrink;
  • large selection of materials for construction and decoration Post and beam houses;
  • the possibility of building a wooden structure of free planning, without tying to the length of a log 6 meters, requires much less length logs than in a chopped log;
  • Due to the fact that the construction of Post and Beam is non-shrinking, the roof can be made as complex as far as imagination is enough.

The disadvantage of the frame-beam structure can be filling the walls with a chopped log. The height of poles and beams in Post & Beam houses is not subject to shrinkage for a period of time and remains unchanged, while chopped walls will shrink.

Post and Beam projects

The design of the house and baths of Post and Beam differs from the standard design of wooden houses. Post and Beam projects contain not only AR, but also a section in which absolutely all elements of the frame-log structure are drawn and designed. Designers and designers, as well as loggers in Log Bear Log have sufficient qualifications and experience to design and cut down all the components and elements for the construction of the Post and Beam house.

Houses Post and Beam

Wooden houses Post and Beam have a special feature - such a design for building a house can be chosen by customers with a small budget, and people who want to build a unique wooden house for themselves. The construction of the Post and Beam house requires the use of fewer logs than a chopped house. But it requires a much greater qualification and skill from a construction company in the design and construction of a wooden house.

We, in the Bear Log company - good houses from cedar understand that the combination of two unique components - the construction of the house Post and Beam from the log of the cedar of large diameter requires special treatment.