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"BearLogHomes - GOOD homes from cedar" - a Russian log home manufacturer dealing on the forest market since 2006. It is a pleasure for us to build houses of premium cedar because we love this business and are professionally engaged in building log cabins.

Our craft mans skills and will be able to build cabin of the most complex configuration, possessing all steps of handcrafting log homes.

We're harvesting the forest by ourselves and we will build for you a handcrafted log homes, bath houses and cabins selecting the best logs for a log shells.

Hand crafting technicians Each new log house for us - the event and all the logs in it are special. We're harvesting the forest by ourselves and we will build for you a handcrafted log homes, bath houses and cabins selecting the best logs for a log shells.

We are very lucky, because we live and work in one of the most remarkable places in Siberia - the Republic of Khakassia.

Today there are few places where a large and clear sky has survived, thousands of mountain rivers and streams from which we drink pure water without fear. Grayling and Taimen are founded in our rivers, Siberian larch and cedar grow in the wild taiga, bears and hermits of the Old Believers live!

Such a habitat creates a special mood for work. When we build or plan the wood of cedar or larch - with each touch of it by your hands with every sigh of resin fragrance, you're becoming closer to nature and cleaner in spirit, of course.

In this atmosphere and with great pleasure the team of the Bear Log Homes builds for you log house and bath house from a logs of Siberian pine and Siberian larch!

Timber Kings Russia house

Pioneer log homes in Moscow

In 2013-2015 years  BearLogHomes companу had a unique opportunity to participate to built of a  6 000 m2 log house in Moscow (show HGTV Timber kings Russia house) in a subcontract with leader of building log homes  -  company Pioneer Log Homes of BC.   The experience gained in working together to assemble a handcrafted house,  professional relationships with Canadians craft masters, allow us to offer you houses made with use methods and techniques recommended by the International Log Builder Association (ILBA)

Log home kits made on our great working yard - the best equipped yard in Russia!

In any production of wooden log homes technical equipment and the conditions are very important. In these conditions the work is done.

The Bear Log Homes company is trying to provide its employees with perfect conditions for log building and the production of wooden constructions made of cedar, pine and larch such as homes, baths and other buildings.

  • Firstly, the work yard itself is located on the settled gravel cover. Because of the gravel cover and not clay or earthenware you may not worry about process of building log cabin and changes level of the log.

  • In addition, BearLogHomes has manufactory with two cranes of more than 1500 sqared meters  for precise work with Post and Beam designs. For these reason we have provided the best conditions for high-quality and accurate handcrafting the elements of wooden homes.

  • Moreover, the BearLogHomes' work yard is equipped with two powerful cranes for quick and accurate installation of pine logs in a wooden house. Unlike logging and other loaders, a gantry crane involves lifting the logs with slings, which is more careful and respectful to the wood material.

  • For a better work on the wall's denture, the formation of the roofing angle on the log purlings and rafters, we purchased an industrial sawmill. Its capabilities allow qualitatively sawing logs with a diameter of 1300 mm.

Russian log home kits and cabins builder BearLogHomes invites you to visit our Work yard located in Khakassia near Abakan. You're welcome! We are advantageous different from other Russian wooden house manufacturers from a large Cedar logs and Siberian larch logs


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